"I lost a massive 15kg."

"What James helped me a with was nothing short of amazing, in total I lost a massive 15kg. The best part of all for me is not just the fact I get a personalised training and nutrition programme but how supportive and knowledgeable James is.

With the weekly check ins he could tell how my body was reacting to the changes he had made to my diet and how I was reacting to the diet mentally. I got below 8% body fat which is not an easy task but with the guidance and support from James it made me believe I could achieve my goal.

The fact that James himself has been in my position is massively comforting, giving me the right tools and adaptations to nutrition and training exactly when I needed it, as well as being there for me when the going got tough. 

James is genuinely a great man and coach and I feel what he has help me give myself through training and nutritional guidance is invaluable. I sincerely look forward to continuing to work with James in the future to see what we can achieve." - Brad, October 2017



"James delivers expert program design"

"James delivers expert program design, nutritional advice, training and mentoring. The programs are well explained, varied and designed to achieve exact goals in terms of fat loss, muscle increase and overall physical condition."  - Mike Ray, August 12th 2015


"I absolutely love the diet and training plans"

"I feel like I am writing one of those testimonials for a stupid TV advert trying to peddle the next miracle supplement but I can honestly say, this is the best thing I have ever invested in for myself!" 
- Spencer Tarrant, Feb 2016


"James is both Knowledgeable and Inspirational - the 2 main traits I wanted/needed from a Personal Trainer." 


It has been a pleasure working with James, he has had an ongoing influence on my health and fitness choices that have now led to me undertaking a personal instructor course of my own.

James know his stuff, but he's also a really nice guy - I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Regardless of where you are on your own fitness journey, James can get you to the next level - and the next, and the next... !'
- Paul Coffield Dec 2017


"Every penny is worth it! Don`t forget that there’s no better time than now to start living healthy."


"I’m so proud of myself and feel very thankful to James that he helped me to change my body and lifestyle! Even got inspired to start nutrition course for my future which is next years resolution!" - Miss Dalia Augyte, Feb 2016


Aleksandra lost 7.3kg and 13cm from her stomach in
10 weeks.


“The journey has been wonderful and I am thankful every day for what you enabled me to achieve. The benefits of having lost the weight go beyond just the body as I feel more energised and happier overall. You have been an incredible coach, always positive, encouraging and helpful.”

 - Claire, Dec 2017